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Mastering BIAB Nails: Your Comprehensive Guide to Beautiful, Long-lasting Nails

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

In the heart of Ballinasloe, where beauty and style meet, The Beauty Bar has been at the forefront of the latest beauty trends. In this blog, we will delve into the transformative world of BIAB nails and how they are redefining the landscape of nail salons in Ballinasloe. If you're a beauty salon enthusiast in Ballinasloe or simply curious about what makes BIAB nails the "it" thing, read on to discover their rising popularity and why they are a game-changer for nail salons.


What are BIAB Nails?

BIAB nails, or Builder In A Bottle nails, are a revolutionary nail enhancement technique. It's all about combining the essential elements of primer, builder gel, and color in one product. At The Beauty Bar, we exclusively use Luxe Gel products, with a special mention to the Luxe Gel Structure Base Builder Gel, which acts as a strengthening base coat for natural nail growth.

What are the advantages of BIAB Gel?

  • 100% gel formula

  • Eliminates the need for primer or base

  • Self-leveling for a flawless finish

  • Exceptional durability, with a wear time of over three weeks

  • No chipping or lifting

  • Easily refillable or soak-off

  • Ideal for strengthening natural nails or extending them

We're proud to partner with Luxe Gel, an Irish-based company in Dublin, to bring you the best in BIAB nail technology.

Luxe Gel professional logo

Why choose BIAB? - The Beauty Bar's Guide To BIAB Nails

  1. Unmatched Durability: Traditional nail polish may chip within a few days, but BIAB nails offer long-lasting beauty. With a wear time of over three weeks, your nails will remain impeccable for longer.

  2. Chip-Proof Confidence: Say farewell to frustrating nail chips and unsightly lifting. BIAB nails are known for their chip-resistant properties, making them an ideal choice for anyone with an active lifestyle.

  3. Endless Color Possibilities: Luxe Gel's 3-in-1 formula provides an extensive color palette for you to choose from. Express your style with ease by selecting the perfect shade for any occasion.

  4. Strength and Length: Beyond the aesthetics, BIAB nails strengthen and extend your natural nails. Achieve the look and durability you desire while maintaining the health of your nails.

  5. Simple Maintenance: BIAB nails can be refilled or soaked off, offering flexibility in changing colors or designs. Adapt your nails to your mood and stay on-trend effortlessly.

The Beauty Bar, your premier nail salon in Ballinasloe, is your destination for the latest beauty trends, including BIAB nails. Our skilled nail technicians are well-equipped to craft the perfect BIAB nail designs that match your unique style. From understated elegance to vibrant creativity, we have it all.

Join the beauty evolution in Ballinasloe and experience the BIAB nail revolution at The Beauty Bar. Unleash the power of durable, chip-proof, and beautiful nails that redefine the standards of nail salon services.

We hope you enjoyed our Guide To BIAB Nails blog!

Nadine xx

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