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Discovering Beauty Excellence: Premier Beauty Salon Ballinasloe Unveiled

In the heart of Ballinasloe, lies a beauty haven where exquisite services meet unparalleled expertise—the renowned The Beauty Bar. With a commitment to redefine beauty experiences, this salon introduces a range of luxurious services crafted to accentuate your natural beauty and elevate your style. Let's explore the exceptional array of services offered by The Beauty Bar, each designed to transform and pamper you from head to toe.

Nails: Exquisite Nail Artistry & Care

Gel Nails - €50

Indulge in gel nails that exude elegance and durability, ensuring a long-lasting flawless finish.

BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) - with Gel Polish - €35

Experience the strength and natural look of BIAB nails with a touch of gel polish for added glamour.

Nail Artistry: From FRENCH TIP to Surprise Me - Starting from €5

Enhance your nails with a spectrum of artistry, from French tips to surprise designs that add a dash of personality.

Nail Repair & Removal Services - Starting from €5

Repair damages or opt for a gentle removal process, ensuring your nails remain healthy and pristine.

Pedicure: Pampering for Your Feet

Gel Polish Toes - €30

Revitalise your toes with gel polish, adding vibrancy to your step and lasting elegance to your feet.

Pedicure Add-ons: Toenail Reconstruction - €5

Experience a comprehensive pedicure with additional care for toenail reconstruction.

Gel Polish Toes Removal & Reapplication - €30

Renew your gel polish application for toes, ensuring a fresh and polished appearance.

Makeup: Transformative Beauty Magic

Makeover Incl. Lashes - €45

Discover the magic of makeup artistry, complete with lashes, accentuating your features for any occasion.

Natural, Glam, and Bridal Makeup - Tailored Exclusively for You

Whether it's a natural, glamorous, or bridal look, our makeup artists specialise in crafting the perfect style that reflects your essence.

Brows, Lashes & Facial Care: Enhancing Your Radiance

Lash Lift/LVL & Brow Lamination - €50

Elevate your lashes and redefine your brows with these transformative treatments for an expressive look at the best beauty salon in ballinasloe.

Eye Trio & Eyebrow Maintenance - Starting from €10

From eyebrow shaping and tinting to eyelash enhancements, our services redefine eye beauty.

Facial Waxing - Tailored Care - Starting from €8

Experience precise facial waxing for brows, lips, chin, and sides of the face, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.

At The Beauty Bar, each service is meticulously delivered by our expert professionals, ensuring not just beauty enhancement but a rejuvenating experience. Discover beauty in its purest form while enjoying a personalised touch tailored exclusively for you.

Embark on a journey of beauty redefined at The Beauty Bar. Book your appointment today and experience the epitome of luxury and care in Ballinasloe.

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